Prof. Dr. Chantal Mak

The enlisted publications have been written by the team members during their appointment in the Judges in Utopia project:


Gutiérrez Naranjo – On limits in law and limits of law
European Law Review 2018, p. 447-459

De verwijzende rechter. Rechtspolitieke verandering via prejudiciële vragen van lagere rechters aan het Europese Hof van Justitie (with E. Mak and V. Mak)
Nederlands Juristenblad 2017, p. 1724-1732

Rechterlijk activisme – What’s in a name?, reply to C. Timmermans’ reaction (with E. Mak and V. Mak)
Nederlands Juristenblad 2017
p. 2464

De Hoge Raad als Europese civiele rechter, Ars Aequi 2015, 
p. 716-722
[The Dutch Supreme Court as a European judge in civil cases]

‘Do justice, Justice’. Over rechterlijke rechtsvorming in het Europees consumentencontractenrecht
Tijdschrift voor consumentenrecht en handelspraktijken 2015
p. 175-180
[Judicial law-making in European consumer contract law;
adaptation of contribution to congresbundel Jonge Nederlandse Juristenvereniging 2014]

Inaugural Lecture

Justice through European Private Law
Inaugural lecture University of Amsterdam, 19 February 2016

Contribution to 
refereed books

First or second best? Judicial lawmaking in European private law
in: J.M. Mendes and I. Venzke (eds) Allocating Authority
Oxford: Hart publishing 2018, p. 217-240

Free movement and contract law
in: Chr. Twigg-Flesner
Research Handbook on EU Contract and Consumer Law
Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing 2016, p. 182-196

Contribution to books

Immorality of contracts in Europe
in: A. Colombi Ciacchi, C. Mak and Z. Mansoor (eds)
Immoral Contracts, volume in the series on ‘The Common Core of European Private Law’
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming,
available on 

Artikel 6:233 BW – Hoe de doorwerking van Europees consumentenrecht tornt aan het systeem van het Nederlandse privaatrecht
in: Vijftig weeffouten in het Burgerlijk Wetboek
Nijmegen: Ars Aequi Libri 2017, p. 255-261


Book review of I. Benöhr, EU Consumer Law and Human Rights
Journal of European Consumer and Market Law 2016, p. 145-146

Book review of N. Reich 
General Principles of EU Civil Law Common Market Law Review 2015, p. 591-592

Case notes

Bauer and Broßonn
CJEU 6 November 2018, Joined Cases C-569/16 and C-570/16,
European Human Rights Cases 2019/19, p. 57-61

Paradiso and Campanelli v. Italy
ECHR 24 January 2017, 25358/12
European Human Rights Cases 2017/85 (in Dutch)